The Scarsdale Salon

As avid book readers, we are constantly on the look-out for good books to read. As authors (albeit not famous ones), we seek the attention of our fellow writers, and an audience that will listen to us! The idea of the Scarsdale Salon came to us on a cold, winter night when we felt too overwhelmed to get into Manhattan to listen to a favorite author. ‘What if?’, we wondered, ‘ we had a Salon right here in Scarsdale that would give many readers ( like us ) to listen to an author and discover a book that they might want to read. And for which they did not have to troop into Manhattan on cold days, or days that were busy with schlepping children to various games and classes?’

And where would we host this event – of meeting authors, listening to their stories, unwinding with a glass of wine and listening to some great music as well?

When the time is right, they say, the Universe comes together to make things happen for you. The Scarsdale Library was as enthusiastic about the Scarsdale Salon as us, and agreed to partner with us on this project!

Every quarter, on a Thursday evening, (beginning October8th, 2015) , The Scarsdale Salon will host four or five authors. You will hear original works that night– from poetry to personal essays to fiction and non-fiction. There will be a mix of established and emerging writers. The goal is a simple one- of supporting literature, storytelling and helping authors and readers find each other.

We hope to see you there…

Preeti Singh and Ines Rodrigues


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